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Last words on the last books of different book series. [Part one]

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thanks for the adventure
now go have a new one!
love ellie 

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Why does no one ever talk about Andromeda Tonks I mean she was a pure-blood Slytherin in the Black family and she still chose to marry a muggle born despite being disowned and then she raised one of the most badass witches in all of existence and joined the Order of the Pheonix and when her husband, daughter and son-in-law all died in the war, she stepped up and helped raise Teddy seriously that woman was a fucking hero.

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michael loves girls and he loves to love girls and he drops subtle hints in every interview about how badly he wants a girlfriend and how good he would treat her and how much he loves to cuddle and remembeR that time he talked about writing a girl a 10-page love letter yea this is why michael would be the best boyfriend out of all of them